Power of Ownership

The 2022 MARK-A-THON 2.0  hosted by The Biz Lawyer® is here! The Power of Ownership webinar is your chance to get ACTIONABLE information you will need to take the next step in your business. Information that is generally reserved for one on one consultations with The Biz Lawyer® herself, Rosezena J. Pierce.

New bizpreneurs owners, seasoned bizpreneurs,or anywhere in between The Power of Ownership webinar will benefit to all who attend. Remember at every stage of building out your brand there is something to be learned. The Biz Lawyer® has a passion for ownership. Not just for herself but for others too. She wants to encourage and celebrate as many people as possible to be owners of not only their brand but their life!

On August 25th at 6:30 PM EST, join in as The Biz Lawyer discusses it all! By the end of the mark-a-thon you will have learned:

An event you don't want to miss!


Hear from Our Clients

This information is being shared to encourage and inspire you to take the next step in building your brand. Whether that is starting from your idea, secure the brand with a registered trademark, growing your team, understanding how to market your brand, or being more confident in knowing how to enforce your rights as a trademark owner by avoiding; copycats, counterfeiters, and confiscators. You will get behind the scene breakdowns from the trademark court cases as well and the opportunity to win prizes that will benefit you and your brands growth!
Throughout the webinar winners will be announced for the 3 giveaway opportunities.
Giveaways will include:
1. A Free Trademark Package
2. A 13’ Macbook Pro
3. Lunch with The Biz Lawyer and her team
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